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Letter to BusinessWeek Magazine: Setting the Record Straight on Adult Stem Cells

Monday, June 13, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

I'd like to thank BusinessWeek Magazine for printing the following letter to the editor regarding our patient, Calvin Miller.

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Setting The Record Straight On Adult Stem Cells

I would like to clarify information in "Biotech, finally" (News: Analysis & Commentary, June 13): Calvin Miller was the first off-trial patient treated by Siriraj Hospital in Thailand with adult stem cells harvested by a process pioneered by TheraVitae Ltd. This process does not use bone marrow. We draw 250cc of blood and expand the cells in the laboratory for about a week. Then they are implanted back into the patient. We can get the cells by drawing a small amount of blood instead of doing a painful bone marrow extraction. This process will soon allow the use of adult stem cells for treatment on a large scale.

Jay D. Lenner Jr.
TheraVitae Ltd.


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