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Baseball Star With MS Helped by Stem Cell Treatment

Monday, January 31, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

Adult Stem Cells Power Improvement in Multiple Sclerosis

Bryan Britt, a former baseball star with the University North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)and a fighter with multiple sclerosis, has improved tremendously after undergoing stem cell treatment. Britt, who recently gave a speech at the UNCW spring training banquet, suffered through the common MS symptoms- balance problems, vision problems, hearing loss, cognitive deteriorations and fatigue.

However, after undergoing a stem cell transplant by Dr. Richard Burt, at Northwestern University, Britt has made great strides.

From the original article:

“I am excited where I am now, but I have a long ways to go,’’ he said.

Before visiting Northwestern Memorial, he recalled 77 body lesions – and nearly all have healed following a recent check-up.

“I was not walking or talking,’’ he said. “I couldn’t read books to my boys. I could not see the words long enough because they were blurry and jumping around.’’

The transplant reversed neurological dysfunctions. Doctors treated and cleaned his stem cells and they were cryogenically frozen, essentially resetting his immune system.

After The Therapy

Since the stem cell therapy, Britt still walks with a limp and gets fatigued, but his multiple sclerosis has improved the last 2 years.

Another great story of hope for MS patients. For multiple sclerosis patients, there are many different options for stem cell treatments.

Best Stem Cell Treatment Centers for Multiple Sclerosis:

Stem Cell Institute in Panama
- very well known amongst the MS Community in Texas as one of their first patients, Preston Walker has improved since he was treated there.

Dr. Shimon Slavin in Israel- Dr. Slavin is the director of the International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy. Dr. Slavin is famous amongst the Multiple Sclerosis patients in Canada as one of his first MS patients, Louise Zylstra was able to return to the golf course after her therapy with her own adult stem cells.

China Stem Cells - known for their month long stem cell treatment and physical therapy. Their treatment consists of using millions of cord blood stem cells to try to fight the effects of MS

Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina - one of the adult stem cell pioneers. This doctor invented protocols for stem cell treatment that are now copied by other stem cell therapy centers. You can contact his manager Walter Trotter for details on the treatment Email:


Stem Cells Help Woman With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Monday, January 24, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Institute Helps Texas Woman

A Texas woman who has suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS) for 14 years, has found a new life after undergoing adult stem cell treatment in Panama. Judi Lecoq, 50, is able to walk again without pain after receiving stem cells taken from her own fat.

Multiple sclerosis had taken away Judi's life and forced her to shut down her catering business. She was desperate for help. And help came in the form of the stem cell therapy in Panama at a place called the Stem Cell Institute. Founded by American doctor, Neil Riordan, the Stem Cell Institute is well known for helping MS patients.

The treatment uses stem cells taken from the patient's fat in a similar procedure to a mini liposuction while the patient is asleep. During the month long therapy, Judi received her own fat stem cells as well as stem cells from umbilical cord blood. She underwent the adipose therapy for a month.

The Results

Judi says:

"Those would be delivered to me in my spine. It sounds terrible, but it really wasn't bad. You get a little injection of local anesthesia and those stem cells would go to the nerves, where with MS, the nerves are damaged," said Lecoq.

After several treatments and physical therapy, Lecoq said she started to walk again without pain.

"My balance isn't perfect and I still need to have another treatment, but there have definitely been major changes," she explained.

Adult Stem Cells Are Not A Cure

This is another wonderful story in which adult stem cells have helped a patient improve her quality of life. She was not promised a cure and the stem cells did not cure her. However, most important is that she is not in as much pain and Judi's life has improved. What is wrong with that? Kudos to the Stem Cell Institute in Panama for providing these multiple sclerosis patients a chance at a better life.

Read the full article here


Illinois Boy With Cerebral Palsy Helped by Stem Cells

Sunday, January 23, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

New Year Gets A Kick Start From Stem Cell Treatment

The new year is already past us, but it looks to be a promising year for Dalton Rogers-Ford, age 4 of Pearl City, Illinois. Dalton, suffering from cerebral palsy went to Dusseldorf, Germany for treatment using stem cells from his own bone marrow.

Since being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the 18 months old, Dalton has been struggling. However, his mother heard about the Xcell Center which treats children for cerebral palsy using their own stem cells. It wasn't easy, but Nikki Rogers, Dalton's mother raised the money through multiple fundraisers. This is a nice story in itself-- that all of the friends and family and community helped pitch in to make the treatment a reality. However, the best was yet to come...

The treatment according to Mom:

To people who don’t know Dalton, the changes may be subtle, but to his mother, his teachers and family, the changes “are huge.” Nikki said she has no doubts that she did the right thing for her young son. The doctors in Germany could not give her an exact progression for improvements. It is day by day.

Dalton is standing without assistance and taking more steps on his own since the stem cell treatment. He is using both hands to finish tasks. Nikki said Dalton “is blossoming in school.”

Dalton used to hate being in the classroom. These days, his mother has a hard time getting him out of the classroom.

“2010 was a miraculous year for Dalton and me — things paid off for us,” Nikki said. “I am excited to see what the new year brings for us.

“The doctors said any changes would take six to eight months and in only three months, it has been astounding,” she added.

Please read the rest of the article on Dalton's treatment here

Bush to Obama- Still No Progress on Stem Cell Treatments

While children with cerebral palsy are being helped by adult stem cells in China, Germany, Panama, and many other countries, the USA offers nothing for these children that can be helped now. Is the technology and know how available in the USA??-- definitely.

What happened to Obama? Didn't we all think that with Bush out of the White House that Obama would "release" the funds and research and stem cells would be available to all? How much closer are we today than when Bush was in office?? I see no progress. Researchers are still crowing about improvements in mice, but translating that into stem cell therapies are still many light years away.

Looks like Obama has made as much progress with stem cell research as he has made with the economy.


Stem Cell Treatment Saves Leg of Man With Diabetes

Saturday, January 22, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Save Man's Leg

A man suffering from Diabetes and very close to losing his leg from gangrene has had that leg saved by stem cells taken from his own bone marrow. Bhadwhan Dass, a native of India, had his own stem cells injected into his leg in December, 2010.

Before the stem cell transplant, Bhadwan was facing an amputation of his whole leg. Dass was out of options as he had already gone through an unsuccesful bypass and angioplasty. The only options for Bhadwan were amputation or treatment with his own stem cells.

Looking at it from the patient's standpoint, it was probably a very easy decision for him to make. And so he chose the adult stem cell option.

180 ML was extracted from his bone marrow and later after processing, that 180 ml of bone marrow turned into 48ml of stem cells. These adult stem cells were injected into multiple parts of his leg.

From the full article, Dr. Mukesh Goel, chief cardiac surgeon of the hospital and hero of the moment:

"The stem cells create new blood vessels and improves blood flow, making the condition better"

The doctors say that the therapy's success will be known only in six to eight weeks, however, the amputation will be significantly reduced.

"The patient has already reported reduction in intake of pain killers and antibiotics. When he came, half of his leg was black and he needed amputation from his thighs. We hope we can now save some part of his leg," Goel said.

Rain On A Parade Ignored By Hero Doctor

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) director V.M. Katoch recently said that stem cell therapy should be limited to research only. "ICMR's stand is very clear. The director has said that private hospitals should use the therapy for research, not for treatment," an ICMR official said.

Shame on Dr. Katoch. He was basically condemning Bhadwan Dass to having his leg amputated. Luckily, there are a few doctors out there like Dr. Goel who ignores this nonsense and worries about helping his patients first and foremost by treating Dass with his own stem cells in a simple procedure. We need more doctors like Dr. Goel.


Adult Stem Cells Repair Damaged Heart Muscle

Wednesday, June 03, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

The story of how James Eilert had his heart muscle repaired after Vescell stem cell treatment is becoming widely known on the internet . Therefore, I wanted to update his story to check up on James and see how he is doing.

In this new stem cell treatment story, we cover James on how he was before coming to Bangkok for the Vescell therapy in November 2007:

The damaged heart left James fatigued, exhausted and short of breath. It was increasingly difficult to meet the demands of his job as an automotive engineer. He was gasping for breath and sweating all the time. His ejection fraction (EF) had sunk to 20-25%. Feeling depressed, James had given up hope of ever improving his quality of life.

James had his own Adult Stem Cells implanted on November 14, 2007 in Bangkok. They were implanted using a simple catheter- the procedure being similar to an angioplasty.

The stem cells had an amazing effect on James. Almost immediately, he started feeling better (Note- normally it takes 4-6 weeks).

Here is more from the press release:

James raved about his experience and the care he received in Bangkok, “I have never been so well cared for in all my years going in and out of multiple hospitals for congestive heart failure. The doctors really listened to me and gave me confidence that they were my partners in improving my heart.”

After the treatment, James was thrilled with the results of the Vescell ™. “I had an echocardiogram only 2 weeks after my stem cell therapy and my completely dead apex was beating again. I was shocked and ecstatic at the same time.”

Since then, James has continued to improve and 18 months after treatment, he says, “I can do anything, the sky is the limit. I am now in Class I heart failure. My ejection fraction is at 50% and my doctors have lifted all restrictions.

As you can see in this stem cell video below, James has taken "no restrictions" to the limit as he shows what he can do after Vescell stem cell therapy and shows off his impression of Usain Bolt, the Olympic Sprint Champion from Jamaica.

Please feel free to contact James via email or phone- 248-227-3016 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              248-227-3016      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to hear more about his exploits regarding Vescell stem cell therapy.


Vescell Featured In Forbes Magazine!

Friday, May 22, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

I am happy to say that Vescell Adult Stem Cell treatment for heart disease has been prominently featured in a new article in Forbes Magazine. The entire article featured different stem cell companies around the world and how patients from the United States traveled to these stem cell treatment centers through "Medical Tourism" to find help for their particular disease.

Here is the section from the Forbes article pertaining to Vescell featuring Andy Jordan who was suffering from congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and angina when he came to Bangkok for Vescell stem cell treatment:

When Nashville resident Anderson Jordan, at age 72, said he wanted to fly to Bangkok to treat his congestive heart failure in July 2008, his internist of 22 years balked. But Jordan was fading fast: His ventricles were only managing to pump at 19% capacity--a healthy person's "ejection fraction" is between 50% and 65%--and he could not get another bypass.

Surfing the Internet, Jordan happened upon TheraVitae, a Bangkok-headquartered biotechnology company that markets "VesCell stem cell treatments" via licensing agreements with four clinics in Thailand, one in Singapore and one in the Dominican Republic. These procedures involved using a patient's own stem cells to build new blood vessels and heart muscle. The fact that the therapy would use his own blood excited Jordan. He contacted prior patients whose stories were chronicled on the company's Web site. One patient from Oregon told Jordan of the miraculous effects of the treatments on his angina.

Thai doctors injected 25 million of his own stem cells into Jordan's heart. Twenty thousand miles, 22 days, a cardiac arrest and $43,000 later, he came home to his wife with an ejection fraction between 30% and 35%. Even Jordan's doctor had to admit he was happy with the results.

"There simply are no domestic studies with control groups," says Dr. William E. Baucom, Jordan's internist. "There is no way to know the exact reason, but [Jordan] has improved and he does look good today."

The same Forbes article also featured a special Cardiovascular Disease section:

Cardiovascular Disease
Where to find treatment: China, Germany, Mexico.

Behind the treatment: Bangkok-headquartered TheraVitae offers "VesCell stem-cell treatments" through licensing agreements with four clinics in Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore and the Dominican Republic. (The research and development activities take place in Israel.) In these procedures, stem cells are extracted from a patient's own blood, cultured in a lab and implanted directly into the blocked coronary artery or, when no artery is available, into the scarred area in the heart. The goal: to rebuild heart muscle and improve blood flow.

If you would like to talk to Andy yourself - he has joined the ranks of grateful patients reaching out to others suffering from heart failure in the hope that they will find relief from VesCell, too. You may email me at or call me at 615-449-2898.

Or, If you’d like to know more about VesCell adult stem cell therapy to address your heart disease or late-stage peripheral arterial disease , please contact or dial 1-888-410-0902 or provide your contact information on the following form


Dilated Cardiomyopathy Patient Celebrates His 1 Year Stem Cell Treatment Anniversary

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

Reverend Mike Rumble, the Dilated Cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure patient who improved his heart function and quality of life after the Vescell Adult Stem Cell therapy, is now celebrating his "1 Year Stem Cell Treatment Anniversary."

We last featured Mike in March showing that his ejection fraction had gone up from 10% before the stem cell treatment to 30% after the Adult Stem Cells were implanted.

Congratulations Mike! We at Theravitae are very happy for you and wish you continued improvement and a healthy life.

Here is the email from Mike-

From: Mike Rumble
Sent: 05/05/2009 06:43
It is my one year anniversary of receiving my
"own" adult stem cell transplant!!! Guess what? They are working, the
miracle is happening!!! Heart function has improved, shortness of breath gone,
sleeping is very much improved, congestion has almost completely disappeared,
strength and energy abound, and hope for a normal healthy life and heart are on
the horizon!!!!!

One year ago today I received 32 million of my own stem cells injected into my
left ventricle with 30 long thoracic needles in Bangkok Thailand. The Bangkok
Heart Hospital is state of the art, five star care, with the most competent
doctors and nursing staff I have ever ever encountered even after working in US
health care facilities as a director for twenty years!

I am extremely grateful for the wonder support that I received from so many
from all over the world and my special friends who gave, prayed, watched,
commented, and encouraged me to go forth. It has been an amazing ride and

There is a ways to go with fixing a leaky valve when the FDA approves a new
procedure with a clip that can be used safe and easy and that will help the
heart improve even greater and could potentially correct the chronic atrial
fibrillation. So keep up the prayers and the positive energy everyone. Many
many people are benefiting with the stem cell explosion. I am grateful now that
there has been a lift on the ban for stem cell research in the US and I know
that we are going to see hundreds of research centers finding new potential
cures for many diseases.

Let's celebrate!!!!! Praise to God.....Mike

PS- Mike has his own stem cell therapy blog


Adult Stem Cell Pioneer Passes Away

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

Last week, we at Theravitae received the sad news that David Foege, a member of Theravitae's Board of Directors passed away at the age of 63. David was not only a member of our board, he was one of our heart disease patients coming for Vescell stem cell therapy 3 times. In fact, that is the reason he was chosen to be a member of the board- he represented the patient's voice. He swore each batch of Adult Stem Cells helped improve his quality of life and wished for others to receive the same.

I had the pleasure of David's company on a few occasions and there was no doubt in my mind, he was a fighter who wasn't going to take "no" for an answer- which is the reason he kept returning to Bangkok from his home in Naples, Florida for more stem cell treatment. I imagine he kept fighting until the very end. He will be missed here at Theravitae as well as at Chao Phya Hospital with Dr. Suphachai where he was a popular patient.

His daughter, Dama, who is the creator of the World Yoga Mission recently emailed us this in honor of her father. Here it is in it's entirety-

In Memory of David John Foege
May 30, 1945 - April 18, 2009

What the following has to do with yoga?...
It has to do with my dad being one of my main sources of inspiration..& also my first teacher & my now my angelic guide...
and how he leaves a legacy that will impact and enrich many lives with stem cell therapies.

As a young child, my friends came over for a slumber party and my dad would speak softly in a guided meditations as we fell sleep. His soothing voice asked us to visualize healing light pouring in through our heads down to our feet. We giggeled then dozed off in moments. He was so gentle with us. A good guide and a good dad.

The last 30 + years, I have witnessed him make many choices with regards to his ailing health. Some I resonated with while other choices, not-at-all. Yet, he still crossed boundaries where most may have withered. Quite a few times, he signed his life away with moderate-to-high risk proceedures. He definatly set new standards and raised the bar with his go-get em drive to stay alive.

His choices and drive, fueled my mission statement to bring yoga science and technology into world communities large & small.
The proven time tested, preventative measures of ancient yoga science enriches lives & the proven adult stem cell therapies enrich lives also. Its an amazing marraige of old & new.

His influence on me has been profound and I can note with confidence that having lived so closely to a man that would simply not give up will unfurl layers of gusto inspirado in me. The days and years shall pass and I am sure to have a wellspring of Dave Foege determination.
I pray that I am able to be of great service for those that choose wellness and act as a forklift of inspiration for those that have fallen out of hope.
I intend to offer yogic technology that prevents and inspires folks to heal, to lighten up & purify from the inside/ out.
I intend to also support progressive medicine such as stem cell therapies since I saw first hand how it enhanced my dad's life over and over again as he skirted the inevitable. Please see foundation information below.
God Bless. Sat Nam, DamaDe'

Dear family and friends,
My dad, Dave passed away peacefully in the hospital
April 18, 2009 after a long and spirited battle with heart disease. He was raised in Pocahontas, Iowa and was the seventh child of Henry and Frieda Foege.

Dave’s intellect and acumen are indisputable. He was a success in his studies and in business. Dave retired to Marco Island, FL in 1990 after a successful career in Washington D.C. where he helped raise his three children. Dave showed his kids how to explore the world fearlessly and to be ever-inquisitive.

When I was in the fourth grade he received a kidney from his brother Ron. Their story was named, "A Second Chance at Life, A Brothers Love," by the local NBC news airing as a series.

His zest and pure determination to live are beyond words. With his flucuant health, our family has been in and out of hospitals with him since 1983. While sitting with him a few weeks ago receieving modern day dialysis, it dawned on me that without question he gives a whole new meaning to the word tenacious.

Throughout his years, he sauntered through many Final Jeopardys, and solved murder mysteries on Rockford Files, Hawaii 5-0 and CSI mere minutes into the storyline. In the early 80s, he loved to watch Road Runner while receiving dialysis.

What was most brilliant about Dave though was his absolute love for life and giddiness about the next adventure. Whether it was taking home the gold medal for a Belly Flop Contest
(in his 50s and competing against people half his age),
bodysurfing in Hawaii, whitewater rafting in Bali, trekking to six continents, or negotiating in fluent German entry into East Germany before The Wall came down (with wife and kids packed into an Opel), we can easily say that he lived life to its fullest and always welcomed a challenge.

Dave earned the name “Dave the Wave” from ship staff for his time spent cruising to far stretches of the globe.

In the last year of his life, he found the greatest pleasure in hugs and kisses from his granddaughter Emma Grace Foege. He is survived by his devoted angel and wife, Susan, his three children Dama, Jody, and Todd, his daughter-in-law, Lindsey, and granddaughter, Emma Grace.

Dave was, no doubt, a fighter.
He was a pioneer in the field of stem-cell research and is one of a handful of people in the world to undergo three cardiac stem-cell therapies. Both he and Susan were creative and relentless in their efforts to breach medical boundaries and live on the cutting-edge of progressive medicine.

My siblings and I have set up a fund in memory of my dad. In an effort to contribute to the cause he was so passionate about and to potentially affect the lives of many, we ask that donations be made to the “David J. Foege Fund for Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research” at the Community Foundation of Collier County, FL. 239-649-5000.

Please view a short youtube video of my dad at a press conference in our home area, Washington D.C., at the U.S. Senate.
This followed a larger conference on the Senate lawn. He and four other stem-cell recipients were invited by Senator Brownback of Kansas in 2006 to stimulate federal funding for stem-cell research. He met with various senators, lobbyists, and reporters in support of adult (non-embryonic) stem-cell research for the benefit of diabetes, heart failure, Parkinson's, blindness, paralysis, and so many other ailments. There are dozens of articles online about my father and his mission. If you have interest in this topic, please Google his name.

Thank you for every intention, prayer, and positive thought sent our way over the past many years. Please know that they ALL helped and were gratefully received.
Let today and every day be a celebration, for that is certainly Dave’s legacy.

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a Gift
That is why it is called the Present

David J. Foege, may 100,000 angels be by your side. xo, Dama


American Doctors Form Group to Oppose FDA's Stance On Adult Stem Cells

Friday, March 27, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

The American Stem Cell Therapy Association has been formed in response to the FDA's position that a patient's own Adult Stem Cells are drugs. The group has been formed by US doctors who believe that standards and regulations should be applied by responsible doctors rather than the FDA. The goal of this group is to bring the use of a patient's own stem cells (proven safe in hundreds of studies) to the United States sooner rather than later.

This is a wonderful development especially for American patients who have no cure or treatment for their conditions other than drugs which only treat the symptoms and often have bad side effects. Congestive Heart Failure is a good example of this. About 50% of heart failure patients die within 5 years of being diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

These heart failure patients don't have the time to wait for all the US clinical trials to be completed which is why so many Americans must go abroad for stem cell treatment. Not only congestive heart failure patients, there are more than 73 other diseases that can be improved through the use of a person's own stem cells.

So while some are urging us to be "advocates of patience" and wait for clinical trials for each disease and condition to run its course, there are thousands of dying patients right now who don't have time to be "patient" for what has been proven safe in hundreds of studies- the use of one's own stem cells.

Dr. Zannos Grekos of Regenocyte, a user of VesCell stem cell therapy is a prominent member of this new organization.

From the article:
"Many patients are dying or suffering daily with incurable diseases or problems that require major surgery. These patients should have access to basic adult stem cell therapy now." stated Christopher J. Centeno, M.D, an ASCTA physician member. "ASCTA is establishing guidelines which will allow the safe use of the patient's own adult stem cells under the supervision of doctors." continued Centeno.

These doctors are not saying that should be no regulations. However, they do want to take it out of the hands of the FDA who Don Margolis says treat Adult Stem Cells like Viagra.

300,000 Americans die each year of congestive heart failure. If all 300,000 were treated with their own stem cells- that number would be cut significantly. And that is just for heart failure- diabetes, spinal cord injury, crohn's disease, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease are just a few conditions which Adult stem cells will help.

If you want to become part of this movement, you can join for FREE- just go fill out the contact information at the Stem Cell Docs website

Thanks to Don Margolis' Adult Stem Cell Research blog for the tip on the story.


Dilated Cardiomyopathy Continues Improving After Stem Cell Therapy

Monday, March 02, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

Reverend Mike Rumble, a dilated cardiomyopathy patient with congestive heart failure from Florida who was treated by VesCell adult stem cells is reporting more improvement in his ejection fraction in his latest test results. I first featured Mike in December, 2008. His ejection fraction had gone up from 10% before VesCell stem cell therapy to 25% approximately 7-8 months after the stem cell treatment.

Today, Mike is reporting on his own stem cell blog that his ejection fraction has now gone up to 30%. So Mike's ejection fraction has gone up 20 points approximately 10 months after VesCell adult stem cells were implanted. Excellent!

However, Mike is not in the clear yet. He still has his severe mitral valve regurgitation problems. He says if he didn't have that, he believes his ejection fraction would be even higher.
This report would be much better we believe if I did not have severe mitral valve regurgitation where the blood that gets pumped out of the left ventricle falls back into the left ventricle because the mitral valve doesn't close properly. That makes the heart pump harder and thus weaken. Also this causes two other problems. One is a new thing called "Subendo Cardio Ischemia" which means a lack of oxygen and blood nutrients can get into that part of the heart and there is pressure and angina in the heart and chest area. The second problem that occurs is that it further enhances the atrial fibrillation or irregular heart electrical rhythm and thus makes the heart less efficient.

He also is reporting that he has been accepted into an FDA approved trial that should correct his mitral valve problem, but is having difficulty with his insurance. I hope that gets cleared up soon enough.

Let's all say a prayer for Mike and wish him continued improvement. And a round of applause for his big increase in ejection fraction.


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