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Baseball Star With MS Helped by Stem Cell Treatment

Monday, January 31, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

Adult Stem Cells Power Improvement in Multiple Sclerosis

Bryan Britt, a former baseball star with the University North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)and a fighter with multiple sclerosis, has improved tremendously after undergoing stem cell treatment. Britt, who recently gave a speech at the UNCW spring training banquet, suffered through the common MS symptoms- balance problems, vision problems, hearing loss, cognitive deteriorations and fatigue.

However, after undergoing a stem cell transplant by Dr. Richard Burt, at Northwestern University, Britt has made great strides.

From the original article:

“I am excited where I am now, but I have a long ways to go,’’ he said.

Before visiting Northwestern Memorial, he recalled 77 body lesions – and nearly all have healed following a recent check-up.

“I was not walking or talking,’’ he said. “I couldn’t read books to my boys. I could not see the words long enough because they were blurry and jumping around.’’

The transplant reversed neurological dysfunctions. Doctors treated and cleaned his stem cells and they were cryogenically frozen, essentially resetting his immune system.

After The Therapy

Since the stem cell therapy, Britt still walks with a limp and gets fatigued, but his multiple sclerosis has improved the last 2 years.

Another great story of hope for MS patients. For multiple sclerosis patients, there are many different options for stem cell treatments.

Best Stem Cell Treatment Centers for Multiple Sclerosis:

Stem Cell Institute in Panama
- very well known amongst the MS Community in Texas as one of their first patients, Preston Walker has improved since he was treated there.

Dr. Shimon Slavin in Israel- Dr. Slavin is the director of the International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy. Dr. Slavin is famous amongst the Multiple Sclerosis patients in Canada as one of his first MS patients, Louise Zylstra was able to return to the golf course after her therapy with her own adult stem cells.

China Stem Cells - known for their month long stem cell treatment and physical therapy. Their treatment consists of using millions of cord blood stem cells to try to fight the effects of MS

Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina - one of the adult stem cell pioneers. This doctor invented protocols for stem cell treatment that are now copied by other stem cell therapy centers. You can contact his manager Walter Trotter for details on the treatment Email:



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