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Dilated Cardiomyopathy Continues Improving After Stem Cell Therapy

Monday, March 02, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

Reverend Mike Rumble, a dilated cardiomyopathy patient with congestive heart failure from Florida who was treated by VesCell adult stem cells is reporting more improvement in his ejection fraction in his latest test results. I first featured Mike in December, 2008. His ejection fraction had gone up from 10% before VesCell stem cell therapy to 25% approximately 7-8 months after the stem cell treatment.

Today, Mike is reporting on his own stem cell blog that his ejection fraction has now gone up to 30%. So Mike's ejection fraction has gone up 20 points approximately 10 months after VesCell adult stem cells were implanted. Excellent!

However, Mike is not in the clear yet. He still has his severe mitral valve regurgitation problems. He says if he didn't have that, he believes his ejection fraction would be even higher.
This report would be much better we believe if I did not have severe mitral valve regurgitation where the blood that gets pumped out of the left ventricle falls back into the left ventricle because the mitral valve doesn't close properly. That makes the heart pump harder and thus weaken. Also this causes two other problems. One is a new thing called "Subendo Cardio Ischemia" which means a lack of oxygen and blood nutrients can get into that part of the heart and there is pressure and angina in the heart and chest area. The second problem that occurs is that it further enhances the atrial fibrillation or irregular heart electrical rhythm and thus makes the heart less efficient.

He also is reporting that he has been accepted into an FDA approved trial that should correct his mitral valve problem, but is having difficulty with his insurance. I hope that gets cleared up soon enough.

Let's all say a prayer for Mike and wish him continued improvement. And a round of applause for his big increase in ejection fraction.



Blogger Kelvin C said...

good luck to him.

if fda can approve the trials, it would be great.

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