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Clinical Data of VesCell Used On Heart Disease Patients

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

Dr. Zannos Grekos, a cardiologist who uses VesCell Adult Stem Cells to treat his heart disease patients, was a featured speaker at the 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Las Vegas that ran from December 11th-14th. He presented clinical data showing that Vescell Stem Cell therapy definitely helps patients with congestive heart failure.

Dr. Grekos also announced that his work "has spurred a project entailing growing organs for transplant from patients' own stem cells using technology developed by National Aeronautic Space Association (NASA)." That is something to look forward to in the hopefully near future.

However, let's concentrate now on Dr. Grekos' results: He reported that the average patient had his ejection fraction increase 21 percentage points and had reversed heart muscle damage

Dr. Grekos also stated that his patients on average had gone from Stage IV Heart Failure (End Stage Heart Failure) and then improved to Stage II Heart Failure in approximately 6 months! And for you cardiologists out there- the clinical data from PET scans confirmed that VesCell Adult Stem Cells do indeed "engraft themselves into areas damaged by myocardial infarction (heart attacks) and turn into viable new heart muscle."

Hector Rosario, MD, chief of Interventional Cardiology for the Dominican Republic division of Regenocyte, is thrilled with the clinical outcomes to date. "It is personally very gratifying to alter the prognosis in patients who have exhausted all other options,"

Well said Dr. Rosario. VesCell stem cell therapy can give patient's a new lease on life with minimal risk since the patient's use their own Adult Stem Cells to help heal their heart disease or peripheral artery disease



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