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Peripheral Artery Disease Helped By VesCell Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

This week, I present Carla, a lovely woman who made the journey from Florida to Bangkok, Thailand to receive adult stem cell therapy to treat a lack of blood flow in her leg. This lack of blood flow (aka peripheral artery disease) had led to complications such as claudication, rest pain in her leg, and ulcers.

Facing the prospect of losing her leg due to her peripheral artery disease Carla didn't have much hope. She had exhausted almost all of her medical options- stents, bypass, Carla had been through them all. The doctor told her she was going to have to amputate her leg in the near future.

Carla thought there must be a better way. She went on the internet and searched for other options. That was when she found VesCell- adult stem cell therapy for heart disease and peripheral artery disease.

Carla didn't waste any time and filled out an application form. To make a long story short, Carla was with her husband and daughter on a plane destined for Bangkok less than 2 months later to receive VesCell adult stem cell treatment for her leg.

There, Carla underwent a simple, painless blood draw from her arm. From that blood, her own adult stem cells, were extracted and then multiplied until they were ready to be implanted back into Carla.

Since Carla was using her own stem cells, she had no fear. "What did I have to lose?" she exclaimed.

Carla's own adult stem cells were injected into her left leg in a non-invasive procedure at Praram 9 Hospital by Dr. Prasert Trairatvorakul, an American certified surgeon who is one of the first surgeons in the world to perform an adult stem cell treatment for peripheral artery disease.

Now, Carla is back home with her family in Florida and is thrilled with her improvement. There is a noticeable increase in blood flow through her leg, she doesn't feel as much pain at rest, her claudication isn't as bad, and it looks like she is no longer facing the amputation of her leg.

Carla wants to help others who are in the same boat as her and has volunteered to talk to others about her experience with VesCell adult stem cell therapy.



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