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Friday, February 29, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

Richard Schlueter, a man who could barely walk 35 feet to get the mail, a man with an ejection fraction of 35%. To steal a quote from the Six Million Dollar Man-- "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology."

Richard found us - Theravitae, which is offering its stem cell therapy
for heart patients.

Richard came to Thailand in September, 2006 to treat his heart disease with his own adult stem cells.

Yo Richard, what did you think about it?
“We had a great time in Bangkok. The doctors were great. The nurses were great. My wife said it was the best vacation she ever had.” Richard said.

Thanks for the compliments Richard and the big question- how did it work?

“Six months after my stem cell treatment, my ejection fraction had jumped from 35% to 42%. After 1 year, it was 48%. Now, in January 2008, it is 59% which is normal for an 80 year old man like myself!” Richard exclaimed.

Stem Cell Guy-- I want to hear more from Richard!!!

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Anonymous Vanessa said...

“My cardiologist refused to talk about stem cells. But I had no fear. I was dying anyway. What did I have to lose?” Richard stated.

Being in such a position makes it easy to take a decision. But it is still risky. Some experiments have been successful. Others have been failures because they were ineffective or led to tumors.
So one should be careful before taking it up.
By the way, you might want to take a look at our post - What's Wrong with Stem Cell Research? that discusses the pros and cons of it.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Bizzy Bee said...

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Anonymous Herbal Remedies said...

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Anonymous Tamal said...

This is a very helpful blog, but I wanted to know whether adult stem cells are really as effective as embryonic ones. We are now capable of making stem cells from skin, then why do people make such a fuss over stem cell culture.

7:04 PM  

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