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Stem Cell Therapy Gives Australian Man His Sense of Humor Back

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Yes, loyal readers, I know what you are thinking after reading the title. "Then why doesn't Stem Cell Guy go for stem cell therapy too, so he can get a sense of humor?" Unfortunately, it is a genetic trait, stems from Stem Cell Guy's father, it seems I was born to tell bad jokes and be unfunny.

This week Stem Cell Guy presents Mick Fleming. Mick, 73, from Queensland, Australia was suffering from congestive heart failure. Mick came to Bangkok when??? Stem Cell Guy doesn't know when he came because it isn't in the story. Who writes those terrible Theravitae/Vescell stories anyway?? What happened to Jammin'Jon?

Ok, I found it. Mick Fleming came to Bangkok in July, 2007 to receive stem cell treatment for his heart. Stem Cell Guy thinks Mick's wife Phyllis says it best-

Phyllis continued, “His sense of humor is back. He is laughing again. It was worth every penny. Going to Thailand for the stem cell treatment was the best thing we ever did. It gave Mick the will to live again, a new life.”


Also, Mick and Phyllis and their son have volunteered to give their time to talk to you- my loyal readers. If you would like to email/call the Flemings to verify Stem Cell Guy's version of their story, please email and Stem Cell Guy will happily provide their contact info.

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