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Monday, January 07, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

Since this blog mainly focuses on heart disease, Stem Cell Guy thinks it is appropriate to recommend a blog he found recently. It is called the Heart Scan Blog and is run by a Dr. William R Davis. Dr. Davis is a cardiologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And contrary to what some of you may have thought (including Stem Cell Guy), Wisconsin actually fares pretty well in the Cardiovascular Deaths rankings- #16 so those Wisconsin cards seem to be doing some good work. Yo Oklahoma, you are dead last. You have to make some lifestyle changes there. Maybe if Bob Stoops can ever win a bowl may change your fortunes.

But I digress..back to Dr. Davis. The blog says it is "A frank and open discussion about CT heart scans, heart disease prevention and REVERSAL. The Heart Scan Blog accompanies the Track Your Plaque website."

Dr. Davis also says "I am deeply disturbed by the state of affairs in heart disease. Hospitals, drug companies, medical device companies, and physicians all profit enormously from heart disease. Here I expose the startling array of scams that exist. I discuss how people can recognize them and potentially avoid them."

However, unlike the UN which is "deeply disturbed" or "deeply concerned" on a regular basis and then does nothing about the problem (except call for more 'discussion'and 'meetings' to waste U.S. taxpayer money)...Dr. Davis actually offers good sound advice for heart disease patients. Stem Cell Guy thinks it is worth checking out.

Dr. Davis doesn't cover stem cell therapy, but nobody is perfect.


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Anonymous Hugh said...

It's so impressive. Too got supplements through Lipid Shield to prevent heart problems.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Reversing Heart Disease

A recent publication by Detrano in the New England of Medicine confirms that "The coronary calcium score is a strong predictor of incident coronary heart disease and provides predictive information beyond that provided by standard risk factors".

The serial Heart Scan for calcium, coupled with sophisticated Lipoprotein analysius (VAP or NMR) and targeted nutritional supplements now make possible arrest and reversal of coronary artery plaque...The William Davis MD Track Your Plaque Program - in A Nut Shell

To read more, click here: Reversing Heart Disease

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5:29 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I am a complete advocate of new and improved research to help fight and prevent heart disease. The APO E Gene Diet, by Pam McDonald offers a solutions for anyone who is faced with potential heart disease or Alzheimer's disease. It is an excellent book that is easy to read and understand - written for both the provider and the public. I highly recommend it.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous anulove said...

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3:38 PM  
Blogger Stem Cell Blog said...


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