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Readers Respond to Stem Cell Therapy Blog's Attack On Big Sunglasses

Friday, December 21, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy really stirred up the hornet's nest this time. You may have seen in my post a couple of days ago "New Adult Stem Cell Blog," I told the people who wore those "trendy" red tinted 1970's sunglasses that they look ridiculous and they should "take them off."

Well, Stem Cell Guy has never had such a negative reaction to one of his posts before. Have a look at what some of my loyal readers emailed to me.

Dear Stem Cell Guy,

I have been reading your stem cell therapy blog for many years, but this time you went too far. I am one of those who wear those 'ridiculous' sunglasses and I will continue to wear them despite your advice. Additionally, I am now boycotting this blog and will concentrate on selling real estate that nobody has "discovered" yet on late night TV at 4 am.

Best Regards,

Erik Estrada (Ponch from CHiPs)

Sorry Ponch. Stem Cell Guy will somehow have to survive without you.

Here is another one-

Dear Stem Cell Guy,

I have been reading your stem cell therapy blog for a long time(even when I was in jail!) I also had plans to make you my next boy toy! You could have been famous and been seen with me. But then you took a cheap shot at my glasses. How could you? It is over now. I will never visit this blog again.



Stem Cell Guy even received an email from the Unabomber saying he wasn't going to read my blog anymore. I didn't know I had such a following.

Well, it is time for the weekend. I hope you (yes, even Ponch, Paris, but not the Unabomber) have a great weekend. Stem Cell Guy will try to make up for his "faux pas" in the future. You won't see references to "The Fly" or "Top Gun" sunglasses anymore!!

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