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Tuesday, September 02, 2008 - Stem Cell Guru

Please allow me to introduce Andy Jordan, age 72, from Tennessee. Andy worked in Utility Management and Municipal Public Works for many years. He retired at age 62. He lives with his wife, Judy and they love to travel, Judy makes quilts and Andy plays golf.

Unfortunately, heart disease is in his genes. Heart Failure took his father at age 51, but Andy was determined not to let it take him as well.

However, when Andy reached the age of 51, he already had been through a quadruple bypass (CABG) surgery due to his coronary artery disease. The bypass turned out well for Andy and helped him for the next 20 years. He was able to do everything he wanted to with his family, business, church, golf and travel.

Unfortunately, in the last few years, Andy's heart condition had taken a turn for the worse. His ejection fraction started to drop. His angina was keeping him down and he was dependent on his nitro pills and medication to get him through the tough times.

He tried EECP for his angina- didn't work. He tried other alternatives for his heart such as health supplements- didn't help very much.

Then, in May 2008, Andy received some bad news- his ejection fraction had fallen to 19% (Normal is around 65%). Andy had two options- either a heart transplant or Vescell adult stem cell therapy.

Andy chose Vescell stem cell treatment and he is happy he did. Andy traveled to Bangkok, Thailand and on July 9, 2008 was treated with his own adult stem cells (taken from his own blood) in a very simple procedure.

32 days after his Vescell stem cell therapy, back in Tennessee, Andy had his heart tested again- this time his ejection fraction was at 37%- almost a 100% improvement! Andy says he now "has good strength, is walking good, and able to handle stress well. Most of my peers see the before and after treatment better than I do!"

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy while he was in Bangkok and I can attest he is a gentleman and am thrilled the stem cell treatment has helped him. Andy has taken it upon himself to tell you readers more about Vescell adult stem cell treatment for heart disease and how it has helped him. He would like you to either call him at 615-449-2898 or email him at - don't be shy, Andy is a great guy.



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