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Stem Cell Treatment Saves Leg of Man With Diabetes

Saturday, January 22, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Save Man's Leg

A man suffering from Diabetes and very close to losing his leg from gangrene has had that leg saved by stem cells taken from his own bone marrow. Bhadwhan Dass, a native of India, had his own stem cells injected into his leg in December, 2010.

Before the stem cell transplant, Bhadwan was facing an amputation of his whole leg. Dass was out of options as he had already gone through an unsuccesful bypass and angioplasty. The only options for Bhadwan were amputation or treatment with his own stem cells.

Looking at it from the patient's standpoint, it was probably a very easy decision for him to make. And so he chose the adult stem cell option.

180 ML was extracted from his bone marrow and later after processing, that 180 ml of bone marrow turned into 48ml of stem cells. These adult stem cells were injected into multiple parts of his leg.

From the full article, Dr. Mukesh Goel, chief cardiac surgeon of the hospital and hero of the moment:

"The stem cells create new blood vessels and improves blood flow, making the condition better"

The doctors say that the therapy's success will be known only in six to eight weeks, however, the amputation will be significantly reduced.

"The patient has already reported reduction in intake of pain killers and antibiotics. When he came, half of his leg was black and he needed amputation from his thighs. We hope we can now save some part of his leg," Goel said.

Rain On A Parade Ignored By Hero Doctor

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) director V.M. Katoch recently said that stem cell therapy should be limited to research only. "ICMR's stand is very clear. The director has said that private hospitals should use the therapy for research, not for treatment," an ICMR official said.

Shame on Dr. Katoch. He was basically condemning Bhadwan Dass to having his leg amputated. Luckily, there are a few doctors out there like Dr. Goel who ignores this nonsense and worries about helping his patients first and foremost by treating Dass with his own stem cells in a simple procedure. We need more doctors like Dr. Goel.



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