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Dilated Cardiomyopathy Patient Celebrates His 1 Year Stem Cell Treatment Anniversary

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

Reverend Mike Rumble, the Dilated Cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure patient who improved his heart function and quality of life after the Vescell Adult Stem Cell therapy, is now celebrating his "1 Year Stem Cell Treatment Anniversary."

We last featured Mike in March showing that his ejection fraction had gone up from 10% before the stem cell treatment to 30% after the Adult Stem Cells were implanted.

Congratulations Mike! We at Theravitae are very happy for you and wish you continued improvement and a healthy life.

Here is the email from Mike-

From: Mike Rumble
Sent: 05/05/2009 06:43
It is my one year anniversary of receiving my
"own" adult stem cell transplant!!! Guess what? They are working, the
miracle is happening!!! Heart function has improved, shortness of breath gone,
sleeping is very much improved, congestion has almost completely disappeared,
strength and energy abound, and hope for a normal healthy life and heart are on
the horizon!!!!!

One year ago today I received 32 million of my own stem cells injected into my
left ventricle with 30 long thoracic needles in Bangkok Thailand. The Bangkok
Heart Hospital is state of the art, five star care, with the most competent
doctors and nursing staff I have ever ever encountered even after working in US
health care facilities as a director for twenty years!

I am extremely grateful for the wonder support that I received from so many
from all over the world and my special friends who gave, prayed, watched,
commented, and encouraged me to go forth. It has been an amazing ride and

There is a ways to go with fixing a leaky valve when the FDA approves a new
procedure with a clip that can be used safe and easy and that will help the
heart improve even greater and could potentially correct the chronic atrial
fibrillation. So keep up the prayers and the positive energy everyone. Many
many people are benefiting with the stem cell explosion. I am grateful now that
there has been a lift on the ban for stem cell research in the US and I know
that we are going to see hundreds of research centers finding new potential
cures for many diseases.

Let's celebrate!!!!! Praise to God.....Mike

PS- Mike has his own stem cell therapy blog



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