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Vescell Featured In Forbes Magazine!

Friday, May 22, 2009 - Stem Cell Guru

I am happy to say that Vescell Adult Stem Cell treatment for heart disease has been prominently featured in a new article in Forbes Magazine. The entire article featured different stem cell companies around the world and how patients from the United States traveled to these stem cell treatment centers through "Medical Tourism" to find help for their particular disease.

Here is the section from the Forbes article pertaining to Vescell featuring Andy Jordan who was suffering from congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, and angina when he came to Bangkok for Vescell stem cell treatment:

When Nashville resident Anderson Jordan, at age 72, said he wanted to fly to Bangkok to treat his congestive heart failure in July 2008, his internist of 22 years balked. But Jordan was fading fast: His ventricles were only managing to pump at 19% capacity--a healthy person's "ejection fraction" is between 50% and 65%--and he could not get another bypass.

Surfing the Internet, Jordan happened upon TheraVitae, a Bangkok-headquartered biotechnology company that markets "VesCell stem cell treatments" via licensing agreements with four clinics in Thailand, one in Singapore and one in the Dominican Republic. These procedures involved using a patient's own stem cells to build new blood vessels and heart muscle. The fact that the therapy would use his own blood excited Jordan. He contacted prior patients whose stories were chronicled on the company's Web site. One patient from Oregon told Jordan of the miraculous effects of the treatments on his angina.

Thai doctors injected 25 million of his own stem cells into Jordan's heart. Twenty thousand miles, 22 days, a cardiac arrest and $43,000 later, he came home to his wife with an ejection fraction between 30% and 35%. Even Jordan's doctor had to admit he was happy with the results.

"There simply are no domestic studies with control groups," says Dr. William E. Baucom, Jordan's internist. "There is no way to know the exact reason, but [Jordan] has improved and he does look good today."

The same Forbes article also featured a special Cardiovascular Disease section:

Cardiovascular Disease
Where to find treatment: China, Germany, Mexico.

Behind the treatment: Bangkok-headquartered TheraVitae offers "VesCell stem-cell treatments" through licensing agreements with four clinics in Bangkok, Thailand, Singapore and the Dominican Republic. (The research and development activities take place in Israel.) In these procedures, stem cells are extracted from a patient's own blood, cultured in a lab and implanted directly into the blocked coronary artery or, when no artery is available, into the scarred area in the heart. The goal: to rebuild heart muscle and improve blood flow.

If you would like to talk to Andy yourself - he has joined the ranks of grateful patients reaching out to others suffering from heart failure in the hope that they will find relief from VesCell, too. You may email me at or call me at 615-449-2898.

Or, If you’d like to know more about VesCell adult stem cell therapy to address your heart disease or late-stage peripheral arterial disease , please contact or dial 1-888-410-0902 or provide your contact information on the following form



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