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Stem Cells Help Woman With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Monday, January 24, 2011 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Institute Helps Texas Woman

A Texas woman who has suffered from multiple sclerosis (MS) for 14 years, has found a new life after undergoing adult stem cell treatment in Panama. Judi Lecoq, 50, is able to walk again without pain after receiving stem cells taken from her own fat.

Multiple sclerosis had taken away Judi's life and forced her to shut down her catering business. She was desperate for help. And help came in the form of the stem cell therapy in Panama at a place called the Stem Cell Institute. Founded by American doctor, Neil Riordan, the Stem Cell Institute is well known for helping MS patients.

The treatment uses stem cells taken from the patient's fat in a similar procedure to a mini liposuction while the patient is asleep. During the month long therapy, Judi received her own fat stem cells as well as stem cells from umbilical cord blood. She underwent the adipose therapy for a month.

The Results

Judi says:

"Those would be delivered to me in my spine. It sounds terrible, but it really wasn't bad. You get a little injection of local anesthesia and those stem cells would go to the nerves, where with MS, the nerves are damaged," said Lecoq.

After several treatments and physical therapy, Lecoq said she started to walk again without pain.

"My balance isn't perfect and I still need to have another treatment, but there have definitely been major changes," she explained.

Adult Stem Cells Are Not A Cure

This is another wonderful story in which adult stem cells have helped a patient improve her quality of life. She was not promised a cure and the stem cells did not cure her. However, most important is that she is not in as much pain and Judi's life has improved. What is wrong with that? Kudos to the Stem Cell Institute in Panama for providing these multiple sclerosis patients a chance at a better life.

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