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TheraVitae Patient Addresses Stem Cell Meet

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Although it's a bit late should you want to attend, as the meeting was held on 20 June, Yahoo News features a Press Release from Do No Harm: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics.

The Press Release entitled 'A Toast to Adult and Cord Blood Stem Cells: Helping Patients Now and in the Future' was issued to announce a meeting where members of the public were invited to meet patients who had received a variety of adult stem cell therapies.

Amongst these patients was David Foege, PhD, of Naples, Florida. The Press Release is quoted below:

"Three years ago, doctors told David Foege there was little hope that he would recover from heart failure -- he was even told to find a hospice. He rejected that option to seek alternatives. He eventually underwent a treatment overseas administered by the Theravitae healthcare company that used his own adult stem cells.

About a month after his treatment, David was up and walking; at 90 days after, lab tests showed 50% improvement in his heart condition and also some improvement in symptoms from a prior stroke. This is the same adult stem cell treatment that was recently used to treat the legendary Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho for heart disease. The treatment was originally developed by Dr. Amit Patel M.D., Director of Cardiac Stem Cell Therapies at The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center."

TheraVitae would like to clarify that although Dr. Patel developed the method of treatment & administering the adult stem cells. The required stem cells, are produced by TheraVitae's proprietory technique named 'VesCell'.


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