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A Gene Named Nanog . . .

Thursday, June 15, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

In a brief story entitled 'Stem cells advance' Scottish newspaper, The Herald, reports on a breakthrough that may well have a major impact on future developments in the field of stem cell research.

Scottish scientists have discovered a gene which could be the key to the ability to harvest embryonic stem cells from adult body cells.

The implications for this discovery, should the effect seen in adult mouse cells be able to be replicated in humans, are immense. Gone will be any scientific & ethical worries regarding the cultivation and use of human embryos for use in cell therapy.

The gene was named 'Nanog', after the mythical Celtic land of the ever young, by the researcher who discovered it, Professor Austin Smith who is based at Edinburgh University, Scotland. Research findings, reported in the journal, Nature, showed that Nanog helps reprogram adult mouse cells into pluripotent embryonic stem cells.


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