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The Regulatory Regime for Medicine in America is Oppressive

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

That's the opinion of the site 'The Longevity Meme' which aims to point the way to a longer and healthier life. In July 15th's featured daily news article, the site's editor makes the claim that "The regulatory regime for medicine in America is oppressive" using the example of Theravitae having to set up a North Amercan subsidiary, prior to beginning clinical trials despite the company's track record of having successfully treated well over 100 no option heart patients.

TheraVitae in North America

This release notes that TheraVitae, who have been providing a successful stem cell therapy for heart damage in Thailand, have established a subsidiary in Canada: The Company will start clinical development of the lead product VesCell and will continue to develop additional products for cardiovascular and other severe disorders. Established in Toronto, Canada TheraVitae Inc. plans to submit regulatory requests to Health Canada and the FDA for a clinical trial of its therapy for congestive heart failure.

The regulatory regime for medicine in America is oppressive, delivering nothing but delay and additional cost - and ensuring that innovators provide their services in other parts of the world.

Ask yourself this: what are those who suffer and die of heart disease in the US really gaining through the years of delay and tens of millions of dollars imposed upon the deployment of demonstrably effective therapies?


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