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South Africa Couple Made Fortune Selling Fake Stem Cell Research Therapy

Thursday, August 10, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

A warning, if one were needed, to do throrough research before undertaking any form of stem cell therapy.

This story from regards a South African businessman and his American girlfriend who made a fortune selling fraudulent stem cell therapies to unsuspecting patients. Terminally ill patients paid as much as $24,000 for an injection of stem cells that were not targeted towards the disease the patient had.

South African Stephen van Rooyen and American Laura Brown will appear at a hearing tomorrow in a South African court after Interpol agents tracked them down. According to the Cape Argus newspaper, the couple charged thousands of dollars for a one-time injection of 1.5 million stem cells.

Seeking to make money off of what has become a global issue where lawmakers and lobbyists promise miracle cures, patients received the same injection regardless of their disease, and the injections were not part of any approved stem cell therapy for a specific condition.

The couple told patients that the stem cells came from umbilical cord blood stem cells harvested after birth. They told patients that the stem cells, once injected, would travel to the site of the disease and repair the body.


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