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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

As non-managing founder of Theravitae, I get to do a lot of things at the company (and not get paid for it). The most important of which is getting personally involved with the patients who come to Thailand for VesCell therapy both while they are here and after they have returned home.

Four Americans have been treated this year. The first two, Calvin & Bob are doing great, and want to tell the world about it.

Ray in Hawaii, who hadn’t been able to walk more than a block or two, was walking 3 miles briskly after two weeks---who knows how far he is walking (or jogging?) now. Let’s call and ask him for my next post.

Jeannine in PA, 29, wife and mother of a two year old, was treated May 28 in Bangkok by Thai Cardiologists, working under the supervision of Dr Amit Patel from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Dr. Kitipan Arom from Bangkok Hospital. Tomorrow, Wednesday June 23, Jeannine is on her way to Washington to talk with some congress people on what is now Jeannine’s favorite subject: adult stem cells and what they are doing for her.

What all four have in common is that they felt so good, so quickly, that they began reactivating their lives faster than their personal physicians thought advisable or even possible. And they’ve refused to be reined in! Bob is now 3.5 months in and his home cardiologist is amazed at his transformation from couch potato to frequent traveler. Calvin, our first American patient, is now scuba diving at 90 feet and loving it. He’s promised me a picture in his dive gear when he gets back.

I met my new best friend, Billy Bob from Dallas, at the airport Saturday. At 84, he is 15 years older than our previous oldest patient, and is the most enthusiastic of the five! He is getting his blood drawn tonight. More about Billy Bob and his wonderful wife Marie over the next few days.

I am truly fortunate to be able to share the experience of these people getting their lives back with them and with all of you.

Don Margolis


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