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Emory University Cardiologist Discusses VesCell™ Adult Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

The following is a short interview with John Beshai, MD, who is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in Cardiac Electrophysiology at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of Dr. Beshai’s patients recently received VesCell therapy in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Beshai, who accompanied this patient during his trip, was kind enough to answer a few questions about VesCell via email:


How long have you been aware of stem cell therapy for the treatment of heart disease?

"There has been ongoing extensive work in this field for quite some time. "

Why did you encourage your patient to come to Bangkok for treatment?

"My patient had done extensive background search on therapeutic options for heart failure. He had wanted to pursue this opportunity and given the limited options for his management he did not have any alternative. "

Will you encourage more no-option patients to go to Bangkok for VesCell therapy?

"I would be very happy to discuss the option of VesCell therapy with patients who have been optimized medically and who already have ICD/CRT therapy that are without options. "

Do you believe that VesCell peripheral blood stem cells are as effective as stem cells derived from bone marrow in treating ischemic heart disease and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy?

"Cannot comment as there is not enough data in my opinion."

"In your opinion, how did the quality of Bangkok Heart Hospital compare to hospitals you are familiar with in the United States? "

"State of the art facilities with incredibly competent staff. "

Would you recommend stem cell therapy only to “no-option” heart disease patients or do you believe it can help heart patients before that point?

"Hard to comment without solid data."

What would you say to another cardiologist who may be skeptical about this therapy and may have a patient who is asking his or opinion regarding it?

"There are many options for patients that are maximized on medical therapy and have received CRT with ICD who are still having symptomatic heart failure. This is certainly a viable option with favorable outcomes."

Would you be willing to talk to other cardiologists who may have questions about VesCell and how it is being used by hospitals in Thailand?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think that Humana insurance in Jacksonville Florida would consider this treatment on an experimental basis? I could be a volunteer test case. I have been diagnosed with terminal congestive heart failure

Larry Carter
Jacksonville Floridia USA
Ph Ac/904-220-3516

1:26 PM  

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