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Harvard Man Undergoes Stem Cell Therapy in Bangkok

Wednesday, April 12, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

One of our most recent patients, Mr. Manny Montemayor is currently recovering in Bangkok following his stem cell therapy which took place on March 21.

Mr. Montemayor's local paper, the Northwest Herald, reported on his family's efforts to raise funds for treatment of his hereditary heart condition which has struck him down at the age of 41. The report also mentions two of Mr. Montemayor's children who, although not yet in their teens have also been diagnosed as suffering from the same condition as their father. The one ray of light is the fact that, s
o far, his youngest daughter, aged 4, has not shown any signs of carrying the gene.

It's reading stories of families like this which, through genetics rather than lifestyle, lead members to suffer from
cardiomyopathy that makes the team at TheraVitae more committed to finding an effective, natural therapy for heart disease that will one day be available to all.

Our prayers and wishes go out to Manny for a speed recovery.


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