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Medicines Board probe stem cell treatment

Friday, March 31, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Finally this week, a rather strange story coming out of Ireland. Western European nations are usually the last places that you'd expect to find Doctor's providing unlicensed treatments out of their clinic but it's been going on here.

In Cork, Ireland a clinic has bene provinding unlicensed stem cell treatment for suffers of Multiple Sclerosis. The treatment(?) involves injecting stem cells into the body to supposedly repair damaged cells in the brain.

The treatment is provided by a Swiss Boitech firm through one clinic and the matter has now reached desk of the Minister of Health who is said to be looking into the treatment for which patients ar being charged up to US$50,000.

Whilst many stem cell therapies are experimental, there is a big difference between those which are carried out with approval of the relevent authorities and those which are conducted illicitly.

Read the full story.


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