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So, just where is the stem cell research centre of the world??

Thursday, March 23, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Where do you think?

If you had to select one country as the heart of stem cell research, which would you choose. It would need to be somewhere well known for scientific research. The UK? Germany? Somewhere, with a forward thinking goverment that encourages all types of stem cell research South Korea? Netherlands? Plus there would obviously have to be an environment that attracts entrepreneurs and pioneering types? USA? Sweden?

Arguably, the best way to determine which country can lay claim to being the world's 'stem cell research centre' is to look at the number of research articles published in scientific and medical journals in proportion to the population of the country.

In 3rd place . . . Switzerland

2nd . . . Sweden

and No 1 is Israel . . . a country which also happens to be home to TheraVitae's research team. It looks like they're keeping good company.

Read the full article 'Stem cell density highest in Israel' published by The Scientist magazine online


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