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Stem cells studied as heart-attack treatment

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

The Chicago Sun Times has an interesting article on additional research into benefits that could be derived from injections of stem cells into a patient's circulatory system in the hope that they find their way to the heart and help heal damaged areas. You'll remember a German study recently showed that mobilising stem cells into the bloodstream and expecting that they would home in of the affected areas of the heart didn't have a high sucess rate.

The difference in this new study, being undertaken at 16 medical centres, including Rush University Medical Centre, will aim to show that stem cells obtained from a healthy donor can help patients who have suffered a heart attack.

Donor's stem cells are matched with recipient's in order to reduce risk of rejection. It appears that researchers belive that using stem cells froma younger, healthier donor may provide positive results. As with the German study,the focus is on providing effective treatment without any form of surgery being required.


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