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The miracle cure that wasn't

Monday, March 06, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

More unfortunate news coming out of South Korea as investigators dig deeper into the various claims of successful biotech treatments.

The real story of a South Korean woman who walked again following stem cell treatment on her damaged spine is far removed from headlines such as 'Stem-Cell Gal's Miracle Steps' (New York Post, Nov.2004). Any improvement the treatment had was only fleeting and Hwang Si Moo is still confined to a wheelchair.

In hindsight the relaxation of regulations due to the collective stem cell euphoria that pervaded South Korea wasn't a prudent long term. The work of discredited scientist Hwang Woo Suk led to dozens of other companies offering everything from cancer treatments to anti-aging potions. Treatments which now appear not to be as successful as first assumed.

It should be noted that far from providing unproven treatments, TheraVitae offer stem cell therapies that have been shown to work time after time. New patients are encouraged to talk to others who've already received VesCell therapy and can give real examples of the improvement in quality of life they've experienced.


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