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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

In late 2005, legendary Hawaiian crooner Don Ho was treated by TheraVitae, in Bangkok,using VesCell therapy. The story made headlines throughout the USA.

However, whilst we were treating Don Ho, another American patient, who's story of recovery is perhaps more remarkable, was also receiving treatment.

But George Efaw isn't a celebrity, he's a retired cropduster from Spooner, Wisconsin. George's hometown newspaper recently an article highlighting his amazing recovery. In it George descibes how, although he new he had problems with his heart, he ignored the warning signs.

"By the time I decided I needed to do something, I figured I was in some pretty deep trouble." George even admits that he was in more than "pretty deep trouble", as his first thoughts upon arrival in Thailand illustrate "When I got there I knew I wasn’t coming home. I knew I was going to die in Thailand.”

In fact, upon being examined by Cardiologists in Bangkok, the doctors found that George needed an emergency heart bypass such was the severity of his condition.

George therefore became the first person to receive a heart bypass and VesCell stem cell therapy simultaneously. One final quote from George echoes the sentiments of many other patients whose stories of recovery have been included in this blog . . .

"If you’ve got grit, the will to live and want to get treated, it’s there for you. It is definitely a marvelous thing.”

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