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In Memory of Billy Bob Williams

Thursday, February 16, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

It was with deep sadness that we learnt yesterday of the passing of a patient of ours, Billy Bob Williams, who received VesCell therapy in June 2005. Our condolences and thoughts go out to his widow, Marie, and family.

Billy Bob, of Brisco, Texas, had a history of heart problems, having had his first bypass surgery in 1977. Over the years his health deteriorated and by early 2005 his doctors informed him that they had done all they could. Not one to simply give up on life, Billy Bob opted for VesCell therapy, not as a ‘miracle cure’, but in an effort to improve the quality of his remaining time with his family and friends.

From being unable to walk for more than a couple of minutes without losing his breath, Billy Bob found he could soon walk for three blocks with relative ease. Not a long distance, but for someone for whom doctors had all but given up hope, this was a great achievement of a proud man. A man who simply refused to give up on the dream of once again having an active life.

RIP Billy Bob. Your optimism, positivity and sense of humour will be fondly remembered by all who met you at TheraVitae and Chao Phya Hospital, Bangkok.

(An article on Billy Bob's treatment in Bangkok can be found here on the website.)


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