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Another Stem Cell Therapy Success Story

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

One of our former patients from Ohio is back in Bangkok again. He gave us a report on his progress since receiving our stem cell therapy last September. Success stories like this make us proud to be a part of this company.

From: H. D. [Original email withheld]
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 12:41 PM
To: Tim
Subject: Hello

Dear Tim,

Hello you and all the folks at TheraVitae!I'm back in Thailand, and hope to visit the TheraVitae office soon. I just wanted to say thanks again for saving my life! The changes in my life are astounding!

Even before I returned to the states after my surgery in September, I could feel the changes in my health. I went to dinner and the movies with some ladies I met in Bangkok and generally had little chest pain, and almost no shortness of breath; and that was within two weeks of my stem cell treatment.

Once back home in Ohio, I noticed almost every day that I was doing more and more; and feeling less and less out of breath. I almost never had any chest pains and was rarely out of breath at all. While the last three months have not been completely incident free, the quality of my life has been profoundly better than that which I had the last few years.

I have been able to walk and do things that a few years ago seemed even impossible to imagine. Last week, I went to Ayutthaya, Thailand to see the old temple ruins and ride elephants. The steps at the temples in Ayutthaya are very steep, and there are a lot of them. My girlfriend (who's half my age) got winded, but I didn't!

Anyway, I have been shopping all over Bangkok, out to see the nightlife, meeting new friends, and generally living a normal life again. I cannot hope to convey the substantial feeling of wellness that I have now. It is amazing, and I can only hope that others who have weak hearts will come to Bangkok for stem cell treatment. They cannot know how much their lives will improve, and I am afraid my gushing enthusiasm only sounds like a commercial. But, I am happy to be alive again; and that's not something I could have said last year. I existed last year. I only wondered how much longer I would last, and if I would suffer at the end. I couldn't even take my dogs out to play anymore and was fairly "homebound." Guess what? My mastiffs can knock me around and jump on me all they want now! I am pretty sure they are happy their "dad" is back! I know I am happier being able to play with them and to be able to get out and do things I like to do again.

Once again all I can say is, "Thank you."

Best regards,

H. D.


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