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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

We received the following email from one of our patients who was treated in early October last year. After first considering a heart transplant, she ultimately decided to undergo the less complicated stem cell procedure. Her heart condition has improved to the point where she can now take short walks with her son again. Her renewed hope is an inspiration to us all.

From: "M.L.C" (original email withheld)
To: Don Margolis
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2006 9:52 PM

I was in the city for an appointment with Dr. B, head of orthopaedics at C. Presbytarian. I started seeing him last year due to both shoulders being frozen. He was shocked at my progress, told me I was cured and that he felt it was possibly related to the stem cell therapy. He has now concluded that the shoulder problem I had was directly related to inflamation from the heart situation. Anyway, after I left his office on East 60th St., I walked down 5th Ave. to 42nd St. and over a block to meet my son-in-law at the Chrysler Bldg. so that we could take the ferry home. Definitely better than a "15" (EF, that is). By the way, Dr. B was quite excited about the stem cell procedure and he wrote down the name of your company.


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