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A heart patient reports progress after stem cell therapy

Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

We received this email from a patient on January 10th (names and phone numbers have been edited):

I just came back from my visit to Dr. B. He was very pleased with the way I look-- great color and how I feel. He is going to give me a halter monitor for a day starting this afternoon. He detected some irregularities with the heart beat. He said that the differences in the EF ffraction will vary from test to test and day to day. Not too worry about it though.

He will be available for a phone call Monday through Thursday around 8 A.M. Dr. B's phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

He lowered the nitro patch from .4 to .2 He also said to try going without it for several days. Overall he is very pleased with everything. When I told him I was walking 2 miles a day he said you couldn't walk 20 feet before.

Peace. Jack


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