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Email Update from a Florida Stem Cell Patient

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

The following is an email we just received from a patient who was recently treated. The names have been abbreviated. All other text is unedited.

December 17, 2005

I hope that this e mail finds everyone in good health. Everything is great with P and me.

On Thursday I had the Thallium Stress Test and made out very well. On Friday, Dr B called to tell me the results. He said that the report would be ready to be picked up on Monday. He did say that the Ejection Fraction showed 59%. I asked him if this was right and he stated that both modalities showed it was 59%. We were amazed at such a great increase.

I have been feeling much better each day. The constant tired feeling is gone except in the evening. I find that I am doing more each day. I also feel that when I go in for the echocardiogram on December 28th that it will show more of an increase. Dr. Supachai said to have hope and that is what we are doing. P and I cannot thank all you wonderful people in Bangkok for all you did for us.

When Dr. Suttipong did the echocardiogram on me in Bangkok it was 34% I still can't believe it although everyone tells me I look great. P does not call me white man anymore. A former student dropped in to see me on Thursday and said to P his movement is much faster, his color is great and I can't believe the difference since August.

I will be sending hard copies of both reports to you at the beginning of the New Year.

Don, I have had phone calls from new patients in South Carolina, Minnesota and Hawaii. I am very happy to be of assistance to these people and to you. I am most grateful to all the good people we met in Bangkok. Please give our regards to all the nurses in the hospital and Bel and Jitra.



Anonymous Trude Blomsoy said...

Thank you so much for all the
information which need to be
shared widely ! Having nonishcemic
cardiomypathy and getting nowhere
with regular physicians has been
the pits. Our congressmen need to
be more informed also, and fast.
Trude Blomsoy

6:18 AM  

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