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WNEP-TV 16 (ABC) Update: Stem Cells Repair Luzerne County Woman's Heart

Monday, November 28, 2005 - Stem Cell Guru

Thursday, November 24, 2005 by Jill Garrett

Jeannine Lewis, her husband Tom and their son, celebrate this Thanksgiving Day at Tom's mother's house.

Hannah Kishbaugh notices a hugh difference in her daughter-in-law since Jeannine had her stem cell treatment. "When I went to the doctor with her and come to find out she did have a heart problem, which I didn't know about, and I thought, and I felt bad when I thought she was lazy."

Jeannine's own adult stem cells repaired her heart. But, she like many others, currently have to travel to Thailand to get the treatment.

Researchers found the body has it's own remarkable repair kit. The adult stem cells found in the brain, bone, muscle, skin and blood. They help the body heal from injury.

"I no longer have congestive heart failure. I also improved from a heart failure class 3 to a heart failure class 1, and my heart has gotten noticeably smaller. It's pretty amazing," she says.

Jeannine's life has changed in many ways. Currently people have to travel to Thailand, to get the heart stem cell treatment. Jeannine now works for Vescell, the company that developed the treatment. Now she can help other heart patients get their questions answered. Currently it's not covered by insurance.

Her husband Tom really sees the difference.

"She seems much happier, and that was a big issue with me because I was always frustrated myself seeing her down, depressed. Now she's back, with what I liked when we first met. We just have fun together," he says.

As we speak, more studies are underway to find out how the adult stem cells work with the body to make repairs.


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