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Antarctic adventure

Friday, February 24, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Last month, Peter Irwin, a patient of ours from Australia, emailed to let us know that he was taking a vacation. Having undergone VesCell therapy, and obviously feeling as though he had a new lease of life, Peter had decided to take a vacation of a lifetime. But where to go? A tropical island? A safari in Africa? A trip to Paris? No, Peter chose a cruise . . . a cruise to Antarctica!

He's just returned, without suffering any medical problems despite enduring freezing conditions and 40 foot waves, and sent us this email:

From: Peter Irwin

Well we have returned from the frozen continent . . . Praise the Lord . . . I have come to the conclusion that God put the violent Southern Ocean there to stop us humans from being silly enough to go there????

No , it was a sight to see, but 7 days down in 40ft seas and 7 days back was not. Lots of sea sickness and as it was only a small ship [100 passengers] it was very roughI have called it expensive torture.

However I stood up to the ordeal fairly well and had no medical problems except for the sea sickness , good to be back in Aussie.



What's next Peter? Mount Everest?


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