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Liquid crystals show promise in controlling stem cells

Friday, March 10, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

A thought provoking story that leaves you marvelling at the work some scinetists and researchers are undertaking presently, to end the week. This is taken from the Wisconsin Technology Network which reports on news of a discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by researchers at the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

Apparently, LCDs - the same devices that are used in the screens on your mobile phone, notebook computer, Gameboy or flat screen TV can actually be used to report in rela time on the differentiation of stem cells. Differentiation is the process by which stem cells gradually turn into function-specific types of adult cells e.g. skin, heart or brain cells.

The process works as differentiated cells exert different levels of force on the matrix (i.e. support/scaffold) in which they are grown. That force can be read to a liquid crystal. Through simple changes of liquid crystal texture and color, the cell culture system is able to report, in real time, the cell interactions with the underlying support on which they are grown.

Read the full story here


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