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Friday, March 17, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Marie Carty made the headlines in newsppaers around the world a couple of month's ago when they ran a syndicated article on her treatment using VesCell therapy and subsequent recovery which was put out on Associated Press newswires.

Marie was making news again recently when she appeared on the Christian Broadcast Network's popular '700 Club' TV show. ( Read the full text of the article on Marie here. )

Recent episodes of the '700 Club' are avaiable as streaming video. The March 15th show included a segment on Marie, her treatment and progress to date.

Follow this link to visit the show summary page. Then select the video icon for the 15 March show which features Dr. Michael Roizen discussing what viewers can do to maintain their cardiovascular health, to view the show online. (Marie's segment appears around 15 minutes into the show.)


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