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TheraVitae treats first Israeli patient

Thursday, March 16, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Less than one month ago, TheraVitae treated it's first Israeli patient - a small step but a significant one for an Israeli-Thai company.

Whilst is still early days, we have recevied the following email from the patient who wanted to share his story with others who may be comtemplating undergoing VesCell therapy. We'll be posting quarterly updates on the patients condition so that readers of this blog can learn first hand of any improvements in heart function and the patient's overall quality of life.


Six months ago I began a journey in search of an alternative treatment to address slow but constant deterioration in my heart condition. This journey consisted of intense research and investigation, a sometimes hesitant resolve to move forward as planned, unequivocal support and encouragement from my family, skeptical questions from my friends, support from members of the attending medical team in Israel and a personal relationship established with Theravitae staff in Israel headed by Dr. Valentin Fulga.

Today I begin a new stage in that journey: successful long-term recovery from the Thoracoscopic injection of the Theravitae Vescellâ„¢ Stem Cell Pack therapy administered very professionally at the Bangkok Heart Hospital by Drs. Kitipan Visudharom, Permyos Ruengskalrach, Pradub Sukhum, and Sudaratana Tansuphaswadikul on February 20th, 2006.

Granted -- by all medical standards it is still very early. There is still much work in progress before I successfully reach the minimal 3-6-9-12 scheduled quarterly ergonometric follow-up checkpoints. I return home filled with optimism that the end results will meet my expectations: improve the quality of my life, reduce the risks inherent in my heart condition and perhaps even postpone or avoid the need for a heart transplant.

My confidence and inherent optimism paid off every step of the way: I found professional and caring support from my friends Dr. Valentin Fulga and Mr. Don Margolis in Theravitae management, all members of the Bangkok Hospital medical staff and the local operations teams. My plan is to strengthen this relationship and continue to work closely to further promote the potential benefits of these efforts for myself and others wherever possible.


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