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Measuring Adult Stem Cell Effectiveness

Tuesday, March 28, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

The majority of doctors still beleive that unless they can actually see accurately measureable improvements in heart function then any improvement resulting from a patient receiving adult stem cell therapy for heart disease is more of a feel good factor than medical effect.

Additionally, the number of stem cells required for any treatment to be effective is debatable. If only there was a scientific way to measure the effect that implanted stem cells had on heart function. Researchers at Cordis, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is paving the way for the pioneers to both accurately deliver stem cells via catheter and also measure the effectiveness through advanced 3-D imaging of the heart.

Cordis has developed two breakthrough products.

The NOGA(R) Cardiac Navigation System is the most advanced technology currently vailable on the market to create highly precise, three-dimensional images of the heart. Based on these images, physicians are able to accurately identify tissue that could benefit from a variety of targeted therapies.

The MYOSTAR(TM) Injection Catheter is not yet commercially available in the United States and is used only under investigational protocols.

Read the Press Release from Cordis: NOGA(R) Cardiac Navigation System from Biologics Delivery Systems Group, Cordis Corporation, Helped Researchers Deliver Stem Cells to the Heart


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