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Stem Cell Heart Therapy Featured on the Paul Harvey 'Noon News' Show

Friday, March 24, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Paul Harvey, widely known as the largest one-man network in the world and American News' 'Voice of the new millenium' recently featured TheraVitae on his daily news roundup.

Mr Harvey, a recipient of the highest civilian honour in the USA, The Presidential Medal of Honour, has been in radio for over 60 years and his daily news round-up is syndicated, via ABC, to over 1,200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations around the world and 300 newspapers.

On Wednesday, March 22nd Paul Harvey featured TheraVitae on his 'Noon News' show. A transcript of the broadcast commentary is below:

Tiny bubbles!

When Hawaiian singer Don Ho sought help for his ailing heart he was in his 70’s at least. Too old to be eligible for a transplant, but too much in love with life to lie down and die. So he heard of stem cell research which promised to rejuvenate ailing hearts, to rejuvenate heart muscle with injections of stem cells culled from the patient’s own blood.

But that’s a procedure not allowed in the United States, where stem cell research is limited by religious constraint. So the corporation which was able to proceed with and benefit from stem cell research was and is the TheraVitae Company with offices in Thailand and has laboratories in Israel.

Don Ho determined to struggle through the international red tape secured the procedure for himself, is stronger by day, is returning to work. The doctor who established the Theravitae Company is an American doctor. But he was not allowed to offer his procedure in the United States, so he moved to Bangkok, Thailand. And its there he has established a worldwide research and corporate facility while establishing laboratories in Israel and lab specimens are then flown to Bangkok for implant and frustrated physicians in the US who dare not risk prosecution and can’t afford to flee are secretly applauding those who do.

(Hear the original audio broadcast on )

All of us at TheraVitae are extremely grateful for Mr Harvey helping get the word out about stem cell therapies for heart disease patients that are available now. However, we'd like to clarify a couple of points in the broadcast:

1) TheraVitae is a Thai / Israeli company. Dr. Amit Patel, a well-known, highly regarded American Cardiologist and specialist in the field of adult stem cell therapy has worked with us in a supervisory role, but he is not, as the transcript mentions, a founder of the company. That honour belongs to co-founders, American entrepreneur Don Margolis and eminent Israeli scientist Dr. Valentin Fulga.

2) TheraVitae's laboratories and research team are located in Israel, whilst treatment takes place in Bangkok, Thailand - taking advantage of the world-class medical facilities that are available at specialised centres such as Bangkok Heart Hospital.

3) We thank Mr Harvey for his kind comments on the unspoken support of doctors, however, we can't comment on individual cases such as Don Ho's without the patient's consent. But from our experience the results of stem cell therapy have surprised the most ardent of critics. Even the most overwhelming improvement in a patient's quality of life isn't measurable scientifically, but MRI scans don't lie.

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