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Monday, April 17, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Starting the week of with a story that not only includes an eyecatching headline but also includes thought provoking content.

The basic idea behind the use of stem cells in treating diseases is to enable the body to heal itself. However, certain animals do this already, some in only a limited manner, whilst others can regrow significant parts of their bodies.

One exmple is the zebra fish which can regrow fins, scales, spinal cord and even part of its heart. You may not think that you have much in common with a zebra fish, but humans share some of the same genes. It appears that both humans and zebra fish have the specific gene that is responsible for triggering regrowth. However, in humans the gene is switched off.

Therefore, what is needed is for researchers to discover how this gene can be reactivated, and theoretically, then enable the human body to regenerate organs and body parts.

Read the full, in-depth article for more insight into the potential for regeneration in humans.


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