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Another Update From Down Under

Thursday, May 18, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

On April 24 I added an update from Peter, a 64 year old Australian who underwent VesCell therapy in early October 2005.

In his email Peter touched upon the fact that doctors and researchers don't exactly know how stem cell therapy works, therefore one patient should not automatically expect to see the same results as another. Some notice a general improvement in their well being within a couple of months, others such as Peter, see a more gradual improvement over time.

However, this past month has seen Peter's health improving by leaps and bounds as he explains in this recent email to TheraVitae's Co-Founder Don Margolis:

Hello Don,

I am very well now, walking for 1 hour every morning with no difficulty and the heart beat has become regular after years of irregularity . . . This last month or so has shown vast improvement, looks like it takes 6 months to really work . . . Have not had M.R.I. or Echo since December but I know it is better . . . I'm due to see a Cardiologist in August so will try to get one then.

Peter X.


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