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A Brief Timeline of the Stem-Cell Debate

Thursday, May 04, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

If, like me, you've lost track of how the debate regarding the use of embryonic vs. adult stem cells actually began and long forgotten most of the major milestones along the way, America's National Public Radio has just published a handy timeline which should help refresh your memory.

Do you remember Richard Seed's dramatic announcement in January 1998 that he was establishing the first human cloning clinic?

Or how in August 2000, President Bill Clinton supported the National Institutes of Health's guidelines that allowed federal funding of embryonic stem-cell reserch, only for incomeing President George Bush to put funds on hold six month's later?

Relive these moments and more on the NPR site by reading 'A Brief Timeline of the Stem-Cell Debate'.


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