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An Update From a Patient Down Under

Monday, April 24, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Although the majority of our patients have been from the USA, we have provided VesCell therapy to no-option heart disease patients of numerous nationalities. A couple of days ago, Peter, a 64 year old Australian who was treated in early October, sent us a brief progress report, 6 months on from receiving treatment:

Dear Don,
Have been feeling a lot better last few weeks,perhaps it takes 6 months for the Cells to work….Have played lawn Bowls all day today after being unable to do so for about 4 years…Played well too…..Dr. P.emails me still…..
Peter X.

As Peter touches upon in his email, doctors and researchers don't exactly know how stem cell therapy works, therefore one patient should not automatically expect to see the same results as another. Some notice a general improvement in their well being within a couple of months, others such as Peter, see a more gradual improvement over time.


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