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What has VesCell Therapy done for me?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

That was the question that we recently posed several of our patients as part of a revamping of the VesCell website. Here's just one of the replies that we received from Dale M, USA:

What has VesCell Therapy done for me?

Well let me think . . . I was not in very good shape having problems breathing and walking at the same time, I could no longer ride my bike, I used to ride to the Home Depot purchase my small items and ride home. I just sat in my big chair and said I couldn't go on any more. I was so exhausted all the time.

Then the VesCell opportunity came up and my wife and I talked about it and we decided that I had nothing to loose, It was a problem getting the necessary blood work etc, my cardiologist was not happy about it at all.

Now, I am back to the person I was 10years ago. I can do all the projects like I could before, I have been rebuilding my daughters deck. I've finished putting in a watering system for the flower beds, I have patched a ceiling after making changes to the room, and I can ride my bike and I do 4-5 hours twice a week again and now I am working on putting new gates into my back entry and a new fence.

I am a little slower than I was once but it all gets done and my biggest joy is to do things with my Granddaughter who will be 6yrs old next Sunday I plan to keep her for a month in the summer as I am the only one not at work. My wife will be there in the evenings, and she and I will have a blast we will ride bikes she will go to Summer camp mornings and we will picnic and go to the pool and have great fun.

Without the VesCell Therapy I could not be doing this, It gave me my life back.


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