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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Some companies, it seems, will go to any lengths in order to avoid/evade obeying with the laws governing stem cell research in a particular country. The company invovled in the following story which appeared on numerous websites last weekend is not currently breaking any laws, but going to extreme lengths to find a way around them in order to keep operating.

The company in question has now gone so far as to use a ferry, located in International waters to avoid Ireland's limits on experimental stem cell therapy treatment.

The company uses adult stem cells and are hyping a potential cure for repairing the spinal nerve damage that causes MS, an experimental treatment which does not have government approval. This treatment was originally offered at a clinic in Cork, Ireland. However, following complaints the Irish Medicines Board acted to stop it.

Now it appears that company officials are looking to use a boat to take patients into international waters 12 miles away from the Irish coast , and that whilst initial consultations will take place in Cork, the administration of stem cell therapy will take place in international waters aboard the ferry.


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