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Human stem cell could survive in goats

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Today's story is taken from the Peoples Daily - and English language newspaper from China, but probably not a site that most visitors reading this blog have bookmarked as a source of stem cell news.

The story itself provides a look at where researchers are going with stem cell treatments and the kind of therapies that could be available in the years to come.

Human stem cells could survive in goats

They look no different to ordinary goats, but they carry a high number of human cells in their livers. Such goats could provide prenatal treatment for human genetic diseases. This is a study accomplished by professor Huang Shuzhen and her co-researchers of the Institute of Medical Genetics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Previous research was usually done in a medium, professor Huang and her co-researchers has for the first time used goats as animal models and injected human CD34+ cells derived from cord blood (CB) into the goat fetuses via in utero at 45-55 days gestation under guidance of B-scan ultrasonograph.

The study provides a theoretical basis and new techniques for the treatment of many incurable congenital and hereditary diseases like haemophilia or mediterranean anaemia. Such diseases could be treated through the stem cell transplant.


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