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From Georgia to Bangkok for Stem Cell Therapy

Friday, August 11, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

On Aug. 16, Braselton GA. resident Richard Behlog and his wife, Terre, will fly to Bangkok, to receive treatment for Richard’s congestive heart failure.

On 9 August, Richard's local news website Main Street News covered his story. It relates his experiences of looking for some form of treatment for his dehabilitating disease in the USA and finding, to his surprise, that no options were forthcoming at home.

When Richard was diagnosed in January, doctors told him there was virtually nothing they could do to treat the problem outside of prescribing blood-pressure medications. Richard and Terre, peeved by what they viewed as a lack of choices, began looking for alternative treatments and eventually found TheraVitae.

A common factor amongst many of TheraVitae's patients is their, and their family's, determination not to give up when their doctors say that there is nothing that can be done for them. In Richard & Terre's case they were unhappy with the initial advice of local cardiologists that Richard should focus primarily on keeping his blood pressure down.

“We just didn’t expect that answer, that there’s nothing we can do,” Terre said. “This is just not an option for us.”

I hope you'll join us in wishing good health for Richard and that his visit to Bangkok will prove to be a life changing experience.


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