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Research Summary: Stem Cell Heart Surgery

Friday, August 25, 2006 - Stem Cell Guru

Dr Dean Edell from California's ABC7News, recently in cluded a research summary of the progress made in the field of srtem cell heart therapies.

His one page round-up includes background information and reasons why there's a growing need for this type of treatment. For example, did you realise that well over 1 million people have a heart attack in the USA every year? That's a lot of people with weak hearts and a lot of people who could potentially benefit from any form of therapy that could regrow damaged heart tissue and blood vessels. It's no wonder that researchers around the world are looking for effective treatments for heart disease that utuilze the healing properties of stem cells. VesCell, from TheraVitae is one such therapy that has a remarkable success rate. For more details visit

Dr Edell's complete article can be found here.


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