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Theravitae Saves Another 'Dead' Heart with Stem Cell Therapy

Monday, September 24, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

Stem Cell Guy had a wonderful weekend and hopes all of you folks had a good weekend as well. The weekend was even wonderfuller (yes, Stem Cell Guy created that word) because there was a local TV news special about our stem cell therapy for Terry Areford in West Virginia.

In other words- a local TV station in West Virginia featured stem cell recipient Terry Areford in one of their stories. Terry received his stem cell therapy to treat his coronary heart disease as well as his congestive heart failure and now Terry is shooting hoops again.

Stem Cell Guy is proud to present Terry Areford-

But Areford said in the end, every penny was worth it.

"I've played ball with my grandkids, played some basketball out on our court. if I were to die tomorrow I've had at least the last couple of months of quality," he said.


Areford would like nothing more than to get the word out about this procedure and help anyone he can. You may reach him at:

TERRY AREFORD: 304.594.9377 304.685.8512

What a guy! He even leaves his phone number so you can contact him (instead of Stem Cell Guy) and ask him about his stem cell treatment.

STEM CELL GUY GIVE US MORE!! Here is the link
-- Don't forget to click on the video on the right after you click on the link.

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