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Adult stem cells used as Cardiomyopathy treatment

Friday, August 24, 2007 - Stem Cell Guru

It's mailbag time. Every Friday, Stem Cell Guy opens his mailbag so all his loyal readers can see what is happening in regards to stem cell therapy

Theravitae which as you know offers their Vescell adult stem cells for cardiomyopathy treatment helped yet another patient. We received this email from Tino Rossi a recent heart disease patient.

Stem Cell Guy presents this unedited:

"My stem cells are doing a great job. I have reduced blood pressure, fasting sugar, BUN, Creatinine, and BNP( from 1460 to 446, drops me from high class IV to II, (NYHA)!! My GSR(kidneys) went from 33 to 42.6: need to get to >60. By the next blood draw in a month I'll be there!I had a Bruce treadmill last week going up to 10 degrees for 3 minutes and for 13 minutes total. Astounded me as I have still been cautious, but have been gardening and walking.

Subjective and physiological improvements: balance(no cane), hearing, vision, cognition, memory, color, mood, patience, more calm, energy, less pain, stopped narcotics, sleep, sleep and calmness, thinking, deciding and decision making and a new hope for the future with some changes!!

Drs. Suphachi, Vittaya, Chunhakasem, Damras, Suttipong, and Somchai, thank you for inspiring and affecting me while in Bangkok. You gave me belief and hope and now concrete evidence! The next series in three months will be improved! Faxes are on the way!
Nursing Staff: Duanjunn, Patchara, Koi, Rin, Tuch, Jeag, Aew, Win, Bee!, Duean, Ae, Rung, Nitt, Jup-Jang, Ket, Kan, Rerng, Noi, Poo(Winnie the...), Ink, and Jib.Thank you all!!

The PCC's: John, Jea and Ju, Sher, Kathy, Lori, Jitra, Ophat, Narumol, Methavae, Wiraphan, Bell, L, Mum. Thank you!!

The Drivers: Lam, Prakit, and Montri. Thank you, too.

Don Margolis, Mr. Coo, a special thanks to you and your son for having the plan, courage, money and incentive to form and organize TheraVitae and VesCell! Heart patients are in a better place due to your passion!! I have been receiving calls weekly about my health from other heart patients. I talk to them, give them literature, and websites. I need some some introductions package, at least 10?

Thank you all for your love and support, I am ALIVE!!

Tino Rossi

Stem Cell Guy would like to say on behalf of Theravitae-- "Thank you for your kind letter, news of your improvement is what we live and work for."

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